25 Things for Researchers – Week 1

So despite working and studying, I’ve decided that 25 Things for Researchers was just to good to miss and here I am. My first blog is now set up and I’m keen to get started on discovering the technological advancement that is web 2.0. 

I have to say, whilst this site is good, it assumes a certain amount of competence when you’re registering and setting up your details. It’s not the most intuitive thing I’ve ever used but I’ve managed to select a theme and I might even work out how to add some pictures! No doubt it will get easier though.

My experience of web 2.0 is limited so I’m keen to get started using Twitter and RSS feeds to really understand how they can give me the latest information and how I can make the best use of them to publicise my work. 

Looking forward to getting started. Bring on week 2! 

I hope you find this Blog useful. Feel free to leave your comments on the topics discussed. I’d be interested to know whether you find it useful or not.

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